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20 Disney's Year of a Million Dreams Icons

You already know: please credit it if you take it.
And remember, don't use them as bases.

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Please, comment and credit it if you take.



Hello everyone. =D
Today I bring more Harry Potter icons. This time all of them are from Globet of Fire. I hope you like them and remember: credit it if you take it, don`t use them as bases and don`t hotlink. ENJOY!



Thanks to: 

Hoshii e Justmi.

85 Icons from the first three HP movies

85 Harry Potter icons!
Credit it if you take any of them.
Don't hotlink and don't use textless images as bases.



More Icons.

[10] Hermione Granger
[05] Ron and Hermione

Credit it if you use. Enjoy!






I want to credit some people for the brushes:

If I've forgotten someone, please, leave a comment so I can correct it.

8 Ron and Hermione Icons

My favorite couple: Ron and Hermione. X3

- DON'T  hotlink


9 Sweet Icons

Hello everyone.

Firstly I registered myself  in LiveJournal because I loved to see and save icons. There are many talented people who make wonderful icons and distribuite them in their livejournal, so to thanks these people, I created my login and began to let messages to show them that I was thankfull and delighted with their icons and graphics.

Now, I decided to try to make my own icons. I always liked webdesing but everytime I created something, I hated it. >_<  But today I brought some sweet icons that I think they're fine. I kind of liked them and I hope you too. All the images I used to make those icons I caught at www.istockphoto.com

Ow, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Marianna. I'm eighteen years old and I'm from Brazil [that's why my english is poor  =P~]. Be free to let me messages and to add me as a friend. =D Oh, don't forget to credit the icons if you take some of them.





Just testing.